Gemmeo customers are discerning: they crave high-impact designs and luxurious, U.S.-made products. In Gemmeo they find the ultimate sportswear. You feel empowered in Gemmo garments. You feel special. You can perform as a high-caliber athlete.

Gemmeo has developed a unique identity and its own aesthetic. Its products were lovingly conceived over time and stem from the founders’ childhood loves: the femininity and power of Flamenco dancers; the ruffles, the fabrics, the talent; their athleticism and strength, all colliding with a love of tennis and other sports, conveying its own unique and powerful voice.

Gemmeo Sport was founded by identical twins Sari Lopez and Stacy Juillerat, following a decade of research and development. A cutting-edge sports apparel company, its core product is tennis apparel that is so desirable that it can also be worn off the court.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sari and Stacy hail from a background of business and entertainment. The twins virtually grew up in the entertainment industry, joining the Tom Thumb Players theater company at the age of six. By age eight they were appearing in commercials and during their adolescent years they did voice-overs and modelling.

At age 13 their family moved to Las Vegas, where they appeared in many shows, one of which was featured on primetime TV. The pair, known as Double Take, sang in a popular lounge band during their 20s.

Both Sari and Stacy are mothers (Sari has five children) and have had a keen interest in fashion their entire lives – they styled their friends and family throughout their youth and adulthood; Sari’s fourth child, Rocky, inspired her to create a sportswear brand. Sari was dissatisfied with the offerings of name-brand manufacturers and so created her own designs for Rocky, starting with a distinctive dress with strapping that resembled a peace sign, which quickly gained popularity among players at junior tournaments.

Rocky went on to become a nationally-ranked junior player, as Sari and Stacy continued to develop their designs and production. And so Gemmeo was born.

The name is a play on the Portuguese word for “twin” (“gemeo”), with the double ‘m’ a loving tribute to their adored mother Mimi, whom they lost when Rocky was two years old.

“What I'm looking for in a new sample is the ‘wow’ factor,” explains Sari, who is the lead designer.

“After months of planning, when I see the outfit finally finished and on a body, I want to be wowed. I want it to be comfortable and I want it to be special. I also want the athlete to be able to perform in it, and it should be instantly recognized as a Gemmeo Sport garment.”

In addition to tennis clothing, Gemmeo will comprise leisurewear, active wear, yoga and beach lines and will offer apparel to men, women and children.

In time it will launch The Gemmeo Project, a charitable initiative to help under-privileged young athletes with their training and competition needs.